Who is craptic?



Lennaert Kiemeneij & Edgar Rijsdijk

Craptic is founded by Lennaert Kiemeneij, an independent marketing and innovation consultant with the long time urge to create more than sell stuff, and Edgar Rijsdijk, an engineer 24/7 dedicated to solutions for the future of society and consultant & partner at Witteveen + Bos. Together we joined forces to bridge gaps between techies and ‘normal’ people to develop circular solutions that appeal to, and engage the larger audience.

Michiel van Kuppevelt

MichielprofileMichiel joined Craptic in October 2017. He is trained as a chemical engineer & material scientist, and currently broadening his understanding of society with a study philosophy. He believes in a holistic approach to grow towards a truly sustainable future in where we live with this beautiful earth instead from it. Using the combination of abstract, creative thinking, along with the use of available practical technologies and resources is his approach of contributing to this ideal. Practically, to realize this change, he is involved in the Craptic initiative. In Craptic he has a technological as well as ‘bigger picture’ role.

sacoprofileSaco Heijboer

Saco Heijboer joined craptic January 2018. He is an expert in product development and engineering and got interested in plastic recycling participating in the humanitarian hackothon 2017 for theport@CERN. Trained as a mechanical engineer he has lead project teams for refurbishment of passenger trains and for measuring instruments and production equipment. He is known for his creativity and his skills for prototyping for which he founded LasLab.